Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh Fook! A Chinook

Good Morning.

My last post was about the weather, and this one is too. After 2 weeks of sub-zero temperatures, we got one of those tropical blasts from the south known as a Chinook. Normally a Chinook is cause for celebration, and I'm not bitching about the temperatures flying up to 40 degrees, but the icy conditions created are so treacherous they demand a bitch or two. I didn't go to work yesterday because the roads are ice rinks. Today the temperature is 40 degrees, and the aforementioned Chinook is happily gusting up to 100 miles an hour. I need to go out for cigarettes in a few minutes, so I'll see firsthand what the road conditions are like, and whether I need to call in again.

One bad thing about the sudden warm front pushing the bitter cold out, is that it went south, and is hitting the Midwest of the lower 48 with 30 below F. One death reported so far. I sympathize with them.

Kamai good to see you again. Yes I got the present, it's hanging in the kitchen. :)I tried to go to your page, but it said your profile is not public, so I couldn't. Fix that shit. ;)Or educate me on how to get there.

Fin, Dorrie, Mr. Scribbler, and all the JS people here, I am so glad to see you. I don't feel so all alone now. I hope to slowly piece together my old friends list, and read your thoughts again.

Well, gotta' go. Please take care and I'll



  1. Hi Dave, yes, 40 must seem like a heat wave !!

    My Aunt and Uncle and my Mom are all back in Michigan (lower Michigan) and the temp was -5* this morning,

    and Uncle Chuck says it's black ice all over the place, the cops said for all to stay home, if possible!

    It's great to read you again! I loved your stories. :)

    I remember some beauteeeeful photography that you posted too.



  2. Good to see you as well. And yes, we are experiencing (NOT enjoying) sub zero wind chills here.

  3. it should be ok now. i'm still finding my way round this deceptively simple place; compared to JS, y'know?
    where else have i heard chinook? i'm familiar with the term from somewhere; but, not what you wrote about.

  4. Hey old man. Glad too see you again. I wondered if you would turn up. So glad you did. Say hi to Sue for me.

  5. Hi Dave and Sue...just thinking of you.....and hope you are not in harm's way from that Volcano that's smokin' across from your city.

    ((hugs)) and take care.


  6. when I hear about the volcano, I can't help but think of you, LadyFury, Silver-and-Gold, and Alaskanwarrior.... TAKE CARE!!

  7. Hey,

    Just stumbled across your blog through a chain of blogrolls, stemming from Joan Perry's blog about Charleston, SC.

    In any case, I'm adding you to my blogroll in hopes that stuff that happens in Alaska is more exotic and interesting than stuff that happens in New York. We'll see.

    If you feel like taking a walk in a truly foreign universe, come by my blog sometime and wander about.


  8. hi Dave... when you going to post again? I miss your entries. I hope all is well.


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